NeoVet 2.0

NeoVet 2.0

NeoVet 2.0
Advancing shockwave therapy, setting the new treatment standard specifically for use in equine sports medicine.

  • more power
  • more energy range
  • large treatment area
  • optimizing biological response

NeoVet 2.0 – purposed designed for equine veterinarians in mind.

With NeoVet 2.0 modified widened larger beam more cells are exposed to energy from the high pressure acoustic sound wave with each pulse.


Larger areas treated around horse´s injury leads to a better biological response from the body proven by a study with Neo device conducted at University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine looking at growth factor release from platelets in PRP. The large size of NeoVet 2.0 therapy volume and  improving penetration maximizes treatment speed and efficiency.

Highest shockwave quality guarantees advanced healing solution at its best !